Customer Profile Part 3 – Stages Pole Fitness

Welcome to part three in our series of features on some of our regular
customers. This time it’s the turn of Stages Pole Fitness, a weekly pole fitness
class run by Alex Copley in Romford, Essex.

SPF opened its doors in September 2013 at Stages Performing Academy
in The Mall centre in Romford. The aim of the group is to offer a fun,
alternative form of fitness for all levels and abilities, and Alex and her team
go out of their way to make the classes enjoyable, different and create an
environment where real friendships can be made.

The team behind SPF love to arrange different types of activities outside of
the group to help build these relationships and also give the students a more
diverse range of experiences, such as bowling or going out for meals and drinks,
going to watch pole competitions, seasonal themed classes such as
Halloween, Christmas & Valentine’s Day, organising professional photo
shoots for members and hosting an annual showcase/awards night for the
students to perform and have the chance to win prizes for their commitment
and dedication to the sport.

As well as Alex, the team at SPF includes Megan, an assistant instructor,
and Gill, Alex’s mum and Creative Director for the group who also deals with
the admin side of the group, and ordering the uniforms.

Alex has been a regular customer of Inprints for some years now, ever since
she began teaching pole fitness whilst at Essex University. As she likes to
bring a club or team feel to her group, the personalised uniform service that we supply
here at Inprints fits in perfectly with what she’s trying to achieve.

Find out more about Stages Pole Fitness at the following Facebook page:

If you run a group and would like a quote or some information regarding
printed uniforms, please do not hesitate to get in touch:

[email protected]
01708 751602

We’ll leave the final word of this piece to Alex herself:

“In my mind, there is no better feeling than seeing someone gain
confidence in themselves after learning something you have taught them.
Being there and seeing our students get stronger and progress in the sport
is the most exciting feeling – I look forward to every Wednesday evening!”

Alex Copley.

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